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Here are some reasons to join!

Welcome to the new Plonx.com. While some of these videos have been released before, they have NEVER been seen in this kind of quality or resolution. The reason is that we filmed the majority of our videos on extremely high quality cameras before broadband video was the common thing we all appreciate today. When we started creating videos of women facesitting men most people only had a dial-up internet connection and in order for them to see a clip it had to be very small in resolution and size, AND it had to be extremely short - otherwise, the guy would never be able to download it. With our new launch, we have taken the digital masters and recaptured them to make them MUCH larger, MUCH clearer and longer than ever before. If you are an old fan of our site that we launched in 1997, prepare for a totally new experience!


The Plonx.com Story - by John from MistressDestiny.com : Most facesitting fans know me as the original owner and creator of smother.com, which I sold in 2001 before settling down to what I thought was an early retirement in Arizona. The truth is, it got boring really fast and it wasn't long before I started making facesitting videos again. I called the new line of smother tapes Desert Phoenix, and as I hoped, they instantly become very popular with mass orders from all the usual adult outlets. I had never intended to start a member site again and so these videos were mostly reserved for people that just bought the DVD's. Then in 2007 I was asked to come back to smother.com and I let them use some of my videos inside their member area - however, they were used to doing it the old way and made them small and short compared to what the real videos were like. On this site, I have remastered them to be the original DVD quality they were meant to be. You might have seen some of them in small, low resolution versions but they've never been available like you can see them now on the new PLONX...

Plonx.com is more than just one website - we have a collection of exclusive videos that goes back 10+ years - even back to the days when you had to order DVD's online and have them shipped to your home at $50 a movie. Those were the days! So as you might expect, your membership will allow you to head to any of these sites and download clips from those as well, if you would like. But that isn't the really juicy part of being a member of Plonx.com - we plan to revolutionize the fetish world by allowing your membership to select clips from OTHER FACESITTING sites that we are partnering with. Right now we only have a few partners in the network, but we have agreements with others and they are working to bring their content online with ours. Current sites in the network include:

With more coming online next month and they will keep on growing, we guarantee it. There has never been a better way to satisfy your fetish for seeing beautiful women sitting on male faces. Come join us today and become a part of the revolution. You'll be glad you did!